Software Criollo was founded in 2008.

They partnered because Bellatrix is a great designer and Ivan is an awesome developer. At the moment they were both working freelancing and acknowledge that all successful projects needed both talents. From this moment they started hiring the people they knew could do a great job in Venezuela (where they are both originally from).

The company has grown to be 20 people working full time out of Miami, Mexico and Venezuela. We have a virtual office in a Slack chat room where all the team members connect everyday to collaborate in the projects.

Ivan and Bellatrix created a remote based company where people work remotely because they understand that the best talent is everywhere. Nowadays having a remote team allows us to save in lots of aspects of running an office. It also allows us to live part of the year in more remote places where the cost of living is much less. These factors allows us to bring value to our clients while keeping the costs down.

Our values


We have a 100% commitment to make our apps the best they can possibly be.


We listen deeply to understand your business needs.


We are united with you in the drive to get the best form our project.